The March 18 R-C Morning Report |

The March 18 R-C Morning Report

South County photographer John Flaherty captured this image of the sunrise on Monday.

Genoa, Nev. — On Tuesday, The Town of Gardnerville announced that it will be conducting business without interruption.  Minden and Genoa won’t be open for walk-in services for a while.  The Record-Courier office will remain closed as well.

I have a distant memory as a young Las Vegan of my hometown making the national news for some disaster or other, during which the broadcaster pointed out that people were still at the tables gambling as whatever it was unfolded. Well that’s not the case today. You know it’s bad when the bars and casinos in Nevada are closed.

The Bishop of the Reno Archdiocese issued an order halting public Masses at Catholic churches in Western Nevada, including St. Gall. 

I went to the Raley’s on Tuesday to pick up some things and it seemed to have settled down a bit. I was there over lunchtime on Friday and it was as packed as I’d seen it in my 30 years here, including when its only competition was Miller’s Market.

There’s supposed to be a chance of snow before 2 p.m. today, which will then turn to a chance of rain. Expect the high temperature to climb toward 42 degrees, with the wind out of the south at 5 mph. 

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