The March 16 R-C Morning Report |

The March 16 R-C Morning Report

Genoa, Nev. — Both Interstate 80 and Highway 88 were closed this morning, which means we’ll see a lot of truck traffic on Highway 50, which also has road controls at the Lake, as does Kingsbury. The Interstate reopened around 6 a.m. I can guarantee the roads are wet in the Valley, so be careful.

Snow depth at Heavenly Valley went from 18 inches on Friday to 50 inches this morning. The irony that the ski resorts closed just as the weather started delivering some snow is not lost on me. It snowed all night but it’s so warm the snow isn’t really accumulating.

Douglas County’s two Walmarts are shutting down at night to give employees time to restock and disinfect. The stores are open 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., according to their web site.

Women in History and the gardening session set for next Saturday have been postponed. I’m getting new closure announcements every single day. Any event over the next few weeks that involves a gathering of people is going to be subject to cancellation, so be sure to stay in touch with organizers. 

A winter weather advisory has been extended through 11 a.m. Tuesday as the snow lingers in Western Nevada. There might be some spots of actual snow in the Valley tonight as temperatures cool down below freezing.

Snow is predicted to turn to rain by lunchtime today with a high temperature near 44 degrees and the wind shifting from north to southeast later this morning. 

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