The March 13 R-C Morning Report |

The March 13 R-C Morning Report

Genoa, Nev. — There was a full house at the Douglas County Community & Senior Center on Tuesday night for a 2ndAmendment rally against private party background checks. Commissioners are scheduled to discuss a resolution on the law on Thursday.


Tonight Genoa residents meet 6:30 p.m. Besides updates on the Candy Dance centennial, they’ll here a discussion of whether to buy two trees in honor of Arbor Day. The Genoa Town Board meets at the town offices.


The Douglas Transfer Station will be open today after it was closed on Tuesday due to a mysterious substance.


There are road controls on Highway 395 from Minden south to just above Holbrook Junction, in addition to the expected controls on Kingsbury and 50 from Carson to Stateline.


Watch out for black ice going into work today. Otherwise expect sunny skies and a high near 42 degrees and the wind out of the north at 5 mph.

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