The June 4 R-C Morning Report |

The June 4 R-C Morning Report

Genoa, Nev. — So far, 2,377 people have voted early and 1,350 voted absentee. That accounts for around a tenth of the county’s electorate. If you want a mail-in ballot, Tuesday is the deadline to deliver that form to the Clerk’s Office. You can find it at

About 4,000 Douglas voters ended up on the inactive rolls, according figures released by the clerk last week. They’ve been taking inventory and it appears that a bunch of people didn’t return the cards they were sent. If you’re on the inactive list, you can still vote, but there’s an extra hoop to jump through.

The Vietnam Moving Wall is scheduled to be broken down this afternoon to head off to its next stop in Bloomington, Calif., where it will open on Thursday.

It’s going to be windy today with the southwest wind blowing 15-20 mph, gusting to 30 in the afternoon. Expect the high to hit 86 degrees. There’s a lake wind advisory, so it might be a good idea to wait for the gale to pass before going boating.


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