The June 10 R-C Morning Report |

The June 10 R-C Morning Report

A bear captured on video by resident Terry Burnes at his Gardnerville home.
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Genoa, Nev. — Four Carson City residents are in custody in connection with an assault and robbery that occurred on Limestone in Topaz Ranch Estates on Sunday night. I’ll find out more about that later this morning.

I only see a couple of DUI arrests on the jail log from just after midnight Saturday that might be attributed to Carson Valley Days. There was also an alternative sentencing violation.

Gardnerville resident Terry Burnes sent me this video of a bear at his house. Bears are ranging all over the place this spring looking for food. Once the snow melts further up we should see them head out until the apple crop ripens in the fall.

I paid $3.65 a gallon for gas in Minden on Thursday, which is slightly more than the 3.646 average in Douglas County, according to It may be time to start watching gas prices again.

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