The July 6 R-C Morning Report |

The July 6 R-C Morning Report

Genoa, Nev. — Even if they start today, it could be the beginning of 2019 before Douglas County has a new county manager. Commissioners voted 4-1 on Thursday to begin the process.


Commissioners also approved consolidating the Lake and Valley water systems on Thursday. They also approved the Topaz Lake pay system.


It turned out Minden served 950 meals on the Fourth of July. So I wasn’t completely out of the park with my guess.

I spent a little time this morning looking for the red flag warning we were supposed to have today, but it’s gone, so good news.


It’s still going to be sunny and dry today with the high temperature hitting 90 degrees. Expect the wind 10-15 mph gusting to 30 mph today.


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