The July 30, 2020, R-C Morning Report |

The July 30, 2020, R-C Morning Report

Gardnerville resident Tim Berube captured this photo of Comet Neowise.
Tim Berube/Special to The R-C

Genoa, Nev. — I’ve been getting letters on a steady basis about the inclusion of #blacklivesmatter in a diversity statement by the library and the sheriff’s response. My plan is to open up the paper and run as many of those letters as I can on Aug. 6. 

Alpine County is conducting community coronavirus testing 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. today at Health and Human Services. Public Health Officer Richard Johnson is encouraging residents of California’s smallest county to be tested as often as every two weeks.

I may have actually hit that level of testing this month, as I’ve taken a test every time I’ve reported on one of the testing events. Wednesday’s at the high school was my third. It was reported 410 other people took the test.

Douglas County had nine new cases and eight recoveries reported on Wednesday. Douglas has had 157 cases with 39 active and 118 recovered. 

The last gasp of Comet Neowise is Sunday, according to You’ll need binoculars or a telescope to see more than a smudge. The comet won’t be back for 6,800 years.

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