The July 24 R-C Morning Report |

The July 24 R-C Morning Report

Genoa, Nev. — Alpine County was hammered by the storm on Monday with a half dozen fires set by lightning strikes. There weren’t any listed at more than a tenth acre and all had resources on scene.


Markleeville got .63 inches of rain over the course of six hours on Monday. I could count the number of drops on my windshield in Gardnerville, though. It was eight.


That Ferguson Fire is still pumping out smoke, and we’re going to be seeing some of it. The Ranchos Aspen Park air quality gauge is out this morning, but if you really need to know, take a look for the mountains. If you can’t see them, then maybe better not to go running this morning.


If you were counting on the rain to water your lawn, those days appear to be nearly done. There’s a chance of isolated showers today decreasing tonight, and then back to summer we go with a high of 94 degrees and mostly sunny skies.

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