The July 23 R-C Morning Report |

The July 23 R-C Morning Report


Genoa, Nev. — A flood watch has been issued for 2-9 p.m. today extending from Bishop north past Susanville. Another round of strong thunderstorms could hit anywhere in there, bringing flooding with them.


It looks like all the lightning- caused fires that cropped up over the weekend are all pretty much contained or controlled. Unlike people, lightning is pretty good at letting you know where it’s busy setting fires.


We were reminded this weekend that lightning isn’t just a source of ignition. Two horses in the Fish Springs herd were killed by a lightning strike in the Pine Nuts on Friday night. If you’re outdoors in a lightning storm, take cover.


We had some pretty heavy smoke from the Ferguson Fire burning west of Yosemite on Sunday. Expect more of the same as that fire keeps getting bigger and the percentage of containment keeps getting smaller.


Expect scattered showers and thunderstorms to develop around lunchtime today. Otherwise, we’re looking at mostly sunny skies and a high temperature near 92 degrees.