The July 2 R-C Morning Report |

The July 2 R-C Morning Report

Genoa, Nev. — I anticipate the traffic light at Highway 395 and Airport Road is either on or will be soon. If you’re headed north today on Highway 395 expect some delays in that vicinity as motorists get used to its presence.

Beverage and tobacco produce manufacturing was a pretty sleepy sector until this year when its total taxable sales jumped 1,000 percent from $2 million to $22.75 million thanks in part to equipment purchases for the Heritage Distillery project. Overall, taxable sales were up 20 percent in April.

The Stateline casinos reported a 1 percent increase in gaming revenues to $18 million in May. That puts them up 2.76 percent for the fiscal year.

It’s going to be sunny and warm today with the high temperature forecast to hit 90 degrees. It looks like the highs will drop back into the 80s for the Fourth.

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