The July 10, 2020, R-C Morning Report |

The July 10, 2020, R-C Morning Report

A male house finch lights looking for some seeds.
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Genoa, Nev. — This morning’s Interagency Coordination Center situation report is listing 43 structures, including the previously reported three homes, lost in the 18,300-acre Numbers Fire. More than 600 firefighters mostly in 14 handcrews and 37 engines are working the fire. The price tag for fighting the fire is $1.3 million.

Since the fire started on federal land, that’s who will pick up most of that tab. FEMA also agreed to fund three-quarters of whatever East Fork Fire District is out of pocket.

Firefighters have a line around 30 percent of the fire, which burned to the Pine Nuts’ ridge. On Thursday evening a couple of flare-ups near China Spring prompted calls. Expect individual trees to burn and ash devils to develop across the burn site over the weekend.

We’re supposed to find out today which rural counties will have their bars closed at midnight. Clark and Washoe topped the list, but Douglas wasn’t mentioned at last night’s news conference. Douglas had two additional cases reported on Thursday.

The Water Conveyance Committee is scheduled to meet virtually 2 p.m. today after they continued Monday’s discussion on replacing Centerville’s culverts so the county can repave the road.

Temperatures will start on their way up to the mid-90s this weekend, with 91 degrees forecast for today. Expect winds to be light out of the west at 5-10 mph. 

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