The Jan. 9 R-C Morning Report |

The Jan. 9 R-C Morning Report

Radar shows the bulk of the forecast storm is still northwest of Tahoe at 6 a.m.
NWS radar

Genoa, Nev. — We have a winter weather advisory and the barometer says it’s going to snow, but there isn’t any snow as of 6 a.m. today. National Weather Service radar shows the bulk of the storm is still northwest of Lake Tahoe.  

That means the bulk of road controls across our corner of Nevada have not gone into effect, as of 6 a.m., and might not. According to the forecast, there is a “large bust potential to this morning’s snow forecast.” If that’s not someone hedging their bet, I don’t know what is.

A funeral service for Robert Daniels, one of the last survivors of the Battle of Midway, is 10 a.m. today at Eastside Memorial Park in Minden. He joined his shipmates on Christmas Day at the age of 97.

I doubt we’ll see much smoke from burning over the next couple of days as the fronts roll through, but don’t be surprised to see pile burning on Kingsbury Grade when the weather stabilizes again. 

The forecast is for snow before 10 a.m., which might mean we’ll see a smidge or it’ll start dumping right at 8 a.m. The high today should be around 42 degrees with the wind 5-10 mph shifting to the north in the afternoon. 

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