The Jan. 24 R-C Morning Report |

The Jan. 24 R-C Morning Report

Genoa, Nev. — The upshot of the local roads taskforce on Tuesday was that the voters will get the final say on any taxes imposed to pay for them. Commissioners mostly agreed to work through the budget to find $2.5 million for the work.


If the multiple advisories are any indication, we may have quite the adventure today. High winds are expected for 12 hours starting around 10 a.m., and then a little winter weather is in the forecast starting at 7 p.m.


There’s a chance that some places in the Valley will see 1-3 inches of snow overnight. While certainly the Weather Service is all in, I wouldn’t put any money on the betting line either way. Save often, fill water bottles and keep the flashlights and oil lamps handy.


We’re looking at windy and partly sunny weather until right around the evening commute and then a chance of rain and snow. Expect the wind to hit 20-30 mph, gusting to 55 mph. The snow’s not forecast to start until around 10 p.m.