The Jan. 2 R-C Morning Report |

The Jan. 2 R-C Morning Report

Genoa resident and Douglas County Assessor Trent Tholen captured this photo of the New Year's morning rainbow from Muller Lane.

Genoa, Nev. — I count eight people listed in the jail log as arrested from New Year’s Eve through early this morning, including two DUIs, a domestic battery and three cases of possession of a controlled substance. That’s just a sample, as most of the arrests on New Year’s Eve aren’t still in custody. I expect we’ll hear about all that later today.

I got a tip 7:30 p.m. Wednesday that a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle in Pineview Estates in the Pine Nuts requiring the closure of Highway 395 near Ray May Way to land a helicopter. I’m following up on that. On Wednesday, I heard there was nothing new released on our spate of holiday vehicle vs. building collisions.

I have at least a half dozen photos from readers of the rainbow over Genoa that greeted us New Year’s morning. I could pretty much fill the paper with those and the ones of snow reflecting the sunset on Jobs Peak.

The sprinkles that came with the layer cake that was New Year’s Day left about a tenth of an inch of rain in my gauge for the new year. Today expect above average temperatures in the mid-50s and low around freezing.

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