The Jan. 15 R-C Morning Report |

The Jan. 15 R-C Morning Report

Geese walk across the ice on a pond in Minden in this photo by Sue Cooke.
white walkers

Genoa, Nev. — Planning commissioners approved a streamlined Rancho Sierra project 6-1 on Tuesday. The 80-acre project is down to 239 units and is zoned single-family residential. David Akola, who said he won’t approve any project, was the dissenter

During the debate, someone claimed Douglas County kindergarten classes are full. The district issues enrollment numbers every month that indicate otherwise. However, only three schools in the district offer pre-school, so that might be where that’s coming from.

Douglas County Coroner’s handled 266 calls during 2019, precisely the same number as 2018. Most calls handled by the Coroner (the sheriff) were natural or hospice. The number of suicides during the year was up to 17 from 15 in 2018, but the same number as 2017.  

The winds with this next winter storm have been upgraded from a watch to a warning and delayed three hours. The 12-hour high wind warning kicks off 1 a.m. Thursday with 65 mph wind gusts forecast. A Foothill resident reported that a burst of wind on Saturday rolled over his propane tank.

For today expect mostly sunny skies and a high near 50 degrees with the wind at 5 mph. We won’t see any snow until 4 a.m. Thursday according to the forecast, but that’s going all in with a chance of 2-4 inches possible.

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