The Feb. 4 R-C Storming Report |

The Feb. 4 R-C Storming Report

Genoa, Nev. — It’s a snow day for Lake Tahoe schools, as the snow comes down across the county this morning. There’s no word on delays in Carson Valley so get your fannies perpendicular and get ready for school. If you don’t feel safe putting your kids on the bus, don’t


The road control map for Western Nevada looks like someone got loose with silly string with controls on Highway 395 from Carson to Topaz, Highway 88 to the state line, and anywhere north of 5,000 feet. If you’re headed into work this morning give yourself plenty of time.


There’s a blizzard warning in the Sierra and a winter storm warning in Carson Valley. Be careful on the roads, and prepared should the power go out. As of 6 a.m. no outages are reported in Douglas, but that could change should the wind pick up.


That could happen around lunchtime today with gusty winds hitting 35 mph. Expect a high temperature of 37 degrees with the wind out of the south at 15-20 mph. Forecasters are expecting 1-3 inches of snow in the Valley during the day with 3-7 inches possible tonight.


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