The Feb. 11 R-C Morning Report |

The Feb. 11 R-C Morning Report

Thunderbirds 5 and 6 performa a precision maneuver at a previous Aviation Roundup at Minden-Tahoe Airport.
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Genoa, Nev. — The website for the Thunderbirds’ return for the Oct. 3-4 Aviation Roundup should be up sometime this week. Fans will be able to buy tickets and learn more about the acts from the site, according to Minden-Tahoe Airport Manager Chris Johnson.

Members of the Senior Services & Public Transit Advisory Council will be at the TRE Community Center in Topaz Ranch Estates 10 a.m. today to hear about services offered in the south county.

The crowd around Gardnerville’s JJ’s Mexican Food at lunchtime today won’t just be there for Taco Tuesday. Presidential candidate Tom Steyer will be holding a meet and greet at the restaurant as part of his bus tour.

The AARP Foundation TaxAide is helping folks with their taxes on Tuesdays at Carson Valley United Methodist Church through tax season. Call 775-790-0199 for an appointment.

It’s pretty official the Kirkwood wind gauge that recorded a 209 mph gust on Sunday is a lying blowhard. It’s showing a 78 mph wind gust this morning with 61 mph sustained wind speeds. The nearest wind gauge to it is reading a sustained wind speed of 2 mph.

The wind speed in Carson Valley today won’t be much stronger at 5 mph. Expect a high temperature of 53 degrees. The slight chance of rain and snow has been pushed off to Friday, with not much of either expected.

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