The Aug. 27 R-C Morning Report |

The Aug. 27 R-C Morning Report

Genoa, Nev. — Flags are flying at half staff in honor of Sen. John McCain, a naval aviator and American hero. He was a defender of our republic and its constitution in every sense of the word. Blue skies and calm seas, lieutenant commander.


We’ll be following up on the police pursuit that had a motorhome leaving a trail of sparks from Carson City to Gardnerville late last night. The sheriff’s office really needed grappling hooks and boarding ladders, but were able to bring the chase to a halt relatively unscathed.


The smoke finally smothered the air quality monitor at Ranchos Aspen Park. The forecast call for hazy skies and a high of 84. The winds will be out of the west at 5-10 mph, gusting to 20 mph.


I am back from my first round of chemo in Sacramento, and I’m feeling OK, though I’m told that will pass. I will do the morning report as I’m able, but there will be days I won’t be able to get up the steam. Don’t read too much into that. Some days I may just be tired.


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