The Aug. 24, 2020, R-C Morning Report |

The Aug. 24, 2020, R-C Morning Report

The self-trimming tree missed the hydrant this morning, at least.
Kurt Hildebrand

Genoa, Nev. — We wrap up one overnight red flag warning for thunderstorms at 11 a.m., and are right back into another in four hours at 3 p.m. today that will last until 8 a.m. Tuesday. Thunderstorm brought lightning and a little rain to the Valley this morning around 1:30 and 4 a.m. 

At least the storms mixed the air around a little bit with the air quality in the Ranchos in the moderate level this morning after hitting unhealthy levels on Sunday. 

Douglas County’s active coronavirus cases have tamped down a tad with 18 as of 6 p.m. Sunday. Three more cases were reported on Sunday after no cases on Saturday. Community testing is 8-11 a.m. Tuesday at East Fork Station 12 in Sunridge.

It’s Welcome Week at the University of Nevada, Reno, to prepare the class of 2024 for the Fall semester of 2020. I think we could have all used a little orientation for 2020, but we keep muddling through.

Expect scattered showers and thunderstorms after 11 a.m. with hazy skies. The high will crack 90 degrees with the wind out of the southwest at 5-10 mph.

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