The Aug. 12, 2020, R-C Morning Report |

The Aug. 12, 2020, R-C Morning Report

Flood water rushes down Smelter Creek after Tuesday's downpour in the Pine Nuts.
Eileen Behr/Special to The R-C

Genoa, Nev. — A red flag warning for critical fire danger is noon to 9 p.m. today with winds 15-25 mph gusting to 35 mph with humidity at 7-15 percent. Thunderstorms are out of the picture for today, so it’s just going to be dry.

We had a gully washer on Smelter Creek on Tuesday from rains in the Pine Nuts. The Weather Service issued a flooding statement for the Numbers Fire. I haven’t heard of anything serious in Fish Springs. 

A search for a missing boater was suspended on Tuesday. A rental boat was found empty and adrift on Monday, with the occupant’s cell phone inside. Douglas County deployed Marine 7 and Sheriff’s Search and Rescue to look for him with the help of the U.S. Coast Guard.

Carson Valley schools will open on Monday, but like predicting the weather, predicting what will happen as a result of the coronavirus seems like those bus wheels going round and round are more like the spinning wheel of fortune. 

Douglas County commissioners and planning commissioners are pressing on with an aggressive master plan schedule to finish the text portion. A survey conducted on technical portions of the plan is a two-hour slog designed for those willing to take a deep dive. But you can take it at if you’re looking for something to do today.

A friendlier public survey on the master plan will be announced pretty soon as part of the outreach on the master plan update.

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