The April 25 R-C Morning Report |

The April 25 R-C Morning Report

Genoa, Nev. — The jury hears more testimony today in the trial of Stateline resident Jared Kaiser, who’s accused of pointing a gun at another motorist during a June 2016 road rage incident.


Ebbetts Pass isn’t open yet, but CalTrans reports its making progress on Highway 4. The last few years have seen the earliest and latest dates for the pass to open. In 2015, it opened on April 17. Last year, it wasn’t open until June 30.


Another sign of spring in Alpine County is the opening of Indian Creek Campground, which is scheduled for May 4 this year, according to the BLM.


Flames from a neighbor’s 7 a.m. barbecue on Tuesday prompted a Genoa Lakes resident to call out the cavalry, or in this instance the East Fork Fire District. Firefighters arrived and determined that where there’s smoke, sometimes there’s meat.


If firing up the grill first thing to cook sausages or some corned beef for hash is on your list this week, the number of good mornings is down to about three before the thermometer hits the down button and the winds start to pick up.


Today, expect mostly sunny skies with a high temperature of around 80 degrees and a light breeze out of the southwest, shifting east later this morning.


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