The April 18 R-C Morning Report |

The April 18 R-C Morning Report

Genoa, Nev. — Douglas County commissioners will hear a report on the space needs at the Judicial & Law Enforcement Center at their regular meeting 1:30 p.m. today in Stateline. The whole meeting times out at just over an hour.


I wager there’ll be some comment regarding the grand jury being called for Tiregate. There’s nothing on the agenda, so there’s no action commissioners can take.


The county expects that with warmer temperatures high water may close some of the roads that cross the west side of the Valley. Mottsville is always a possibility, and lately Centerville has been a likely candidate, but so far, both of those routes have been dry as a bone.


While the Weather Service isn’t anticipating any flooding this week, forecasters are warning residents that the rivers or going to be really cold, so maybe stay out of the water until it warms up a bit more.


It hit 68 degrees at Minden-Tahoe Airport on Wednesday and is expected to hit 75 degrees today, which I think is the warmest so far this year. Look for sunny skies with the wind picking up out of the east at 5 mph.

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