The April 15 R-C Morning Report |

The April 15 R-C Morning Report

Genoa, Nev. — It’s Spring Break in Douglas, and it seems anyone with kids is on vacation this week. At least we won’t have to dodge buses for a week.


It wasn’t quite true in 2018 that someone died every day in Douglas, but it’s close. According to figures released by the Sheriff’s Office there were 266 deaths in 2018. The Douglas County Board of Health meets 3 p.m. today at the historic Douglas County Courthouse in Minden.


It was pretty breezy on Sunday afternoon with the airport recording a gust of 37 mph. The winds raised some dust around Valley construction sites.


Expect this wind to pick up again today along with a chance of showers around lunchtime. The wind will be out of the southwest at 15-20 mph this afternoon gusting to 35 mph in places.