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Teen who stole $14,866 from hospitalized grandfather sent to prison


A 19-year-old Minden man with a long history of stealing from his grandfather was sentenced to 2-5 years in prison on Monday.

Rhys A. Stefancin-Whitney admitted with pulling $14,866 from the bank account of the hospitalized victim.

District Judge Tom Gregory said he has been dealing with Stefancin-Whitney for years.

“Time after time after time after time your grandfather has come to court to ask for leniency in these cases,” Gregory said. “You’re not a juvenile anymore, you’re an adult.”

Gregory said he felt the case justified prison and said he had no confidence Stefancin-Whitney would be successful at probation.

Stefancin-Whitney hung his head as his aunt testified about the incident.

“I think he expected his grandfather to die and that no one would find out,” she said. “I’ve gone to pay medical bills and have had payments returned for insufficient funds because Rhys did what he did.”

Stefancin-Whitney’s mother died when he was 9 years old and his grandfather cared from him since then.

She said Stefancin-Whitney manipulated his grandfather on several occasions, without showing any gratitude for what he did for him.

She said that after her father came home from the hospital Stefancin-Whitney had turned the Minden home into a flophouse for his friends and the place was a mess.

She said her father hadn’t had a shower for 60 days after his return.

Prosecutor Matt Johnson said that Stefancin-Whitney spent more than $14,000 in three weeks and that after he was confronted with the theft, he purchased another $500 in snowboard equipment.

Gregory gave Stefancin-Whitney credit for 81 days time served.

As part of a plea agreement, prosecutors dropped charges of exploiting the elderly.