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Take good care

The days are cold and the nights are long. There is quiet now that all the leaves have fallen.

This season is a wonderful time to follow natures lead and slow down.

Go within and rest. After a fun filled summer full of activity and the beautiful awe of fall it’s time for the annual reprieve. Winter is here.

Life is abundant with a full spectrum of seasons. We enjoy each one and witness nature living her perfect balance.

We can follow her natural flow effortlessly through intuition.

Since we are not separate from the world around us, we too have this rhythm.

There is a natural balance in which we operate with less effort when this connection is honored.

Winter is a time when nature is still, cold and quiet.

By following our natural instincts we too can spend our time moving more slowly, resting more frequently and feeling grounded.

It’s time to settle in and heighten your self-care routine. Spending the long evenings under a warm blanket and feeding your soul with a good book helps create roots in your life.

Essentially, it’s time to reflect on the year past.

Through the harvest of fall you look at what grew and decide what you want more of and what you can let go.

Soon the new beginnings of spring will come and it will be time to plant all that you learned during winter, your time of reflection.

With the new sprouting of spring you begin to nurture all that you want to see in your life for the new year.

Making changes and cultivating old and new behaviors are the work of this season. Summer will come with its expanding energies and after all the watering, weeding and nurturing you can enjoy the long warm days while everything grows.

Soon fall will return and you harvest the new crop.

The leaves fall again as you collect your bounty and fest on the abundance.

Winters stillness returns and it’s time to reflect on the past and contemplate the new seeds again, a continuous circle of life.

Take good care of yourself. See the bigger patterns in life and connect with nature. It’s not a race. There is a season and reason for everything.

Bridgette DeBoer M.A., is a licensed alcohol and drug counselor, marriage and family therapist. She can be reached at 450-6632.