Surveys to go out on proposed Lutheran High School |

Surveys to go out on proposed Lutheran High School

by E. D. Thyr

At least a thousand families with children in the area surrounding the potential site of Sierra Lutheran High School will soon be receiving a survey sheet from Julia Bonafede, the chair of the steering committee, Lutheran High School Association.

Now that preliminary efforts in the planning of Sierra Lutheran High School are nearly completed, a number of additional facets of the denomination-directed feasibility study will be pursued. A representative of the Department of School Ministry of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod is flying in from Texas next month to personally interview a number of citizens of the area who have expressed interest.

The phase will involve a number of additional mailings. In the early phases of planning, letters were sent to every Lutheran pastor and congregation from Reno south to the California border and from Tahoe to Yerington, sharing detailed information about the planned project. Most have responded favorably.

A similar mailing was sent to over 40 churches of various denominations in the Carson/Douglas County area. Members of the Sierra Lutheran High committee will call leaders of these congregations to ask for their support in determining the need for a Christian high school in the area and inquiring if members of their congregations would be interested in sending their child to Sierra Lutheran High School.

The first mailing will be sent in the next few days to over 1,000 residents with younger, elementary-age children, who might be potential prospects for the new Christian school. The survey sheet asks questions important to the committee.

Probably the most important question asked relates to the attitude of those receiving the questionnaire. “In general, would you like to see a Lutheran High School established in our area?”

Depending on the response, those who complete the survey will be asked their views on distance, transportation, tuition and optimum size of the school.

If you are among the many who will receive this letter in the next few days, the committee will deeply appreciate your response.

Another mailing is scheduled to be sent to the individual member families of the Lutheran congregations associated with the project – Trinity in Gardnerville, Bethlehem and Shepherd of the Sierra in Carson City and Fountain of Life in Dayton. The individual members of each congregation will be asked a variety of questions involving everything from their view regarding personal and congregational financial support to information about members of their families who might be potential students.

For more information about Sierra Lutheran High, leave your name and address with the secretary or voice mail at 267-3680 or drop a line to Sierra Lutheran High, P.O. Box 2705, Carson City 89702.