Survey asks for input on future school use |

Survey asks for input on future school use

Staff Reports

A large construction project is scheduled to begin on the Douglas High School campus this spring. The completion of this project will result in Douglas High School becoming a campus that serves students in grades 9-12 starting with the 2015-2016 school year.

Since the district currently has two middle schools serving grades 7-9 in Carson Valley (Carson Valley Middle School and Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School) the school board will need to make some decisions about how to best serve students with the available space that will be created when the ninth-graders move to the DHS campus.

Preliminary input has been recently gathered through parent group and staff meetings for Carson Valley elementary and middle schools. A survey has been developed from the conversations held in those meetings.

There are three parts to the survey:

1) Should the district keep both middle schools open after ninth grade moves out or try to combine all seventh- and eighth-graders into one building?

2) What is the best use of the unassigned space to serve our students?

(Whether the district elects to continue using both middle schools or just one, there will be new space available beginning in 2015-2016).

3) Open comments. This is where a participant can write in additional ideas or comments.

The survey is available to parents, school district employees, students and community members. It includes a variety of creative options that were collected during the input sessions held in the fall. For each idea, some pros and cons have been included. To participate in the survey, go to the school district’s website at and find the link on the front page.

This survey will be available until 5 p.m. Jan. 22. The board will be presented with the results at their Feb. 11 meeting at Douglas High School.

For information on the DCSD Facilities’ Master Plan, see the bottom of the district website’s front page.