Subcontractors sought for Events Center |

Subcontractors sought for Events Center

A proposed indoor events center is seen in this artist's rendering. The estimated cost for the building in Stateline is $100 million.
Economic & Planning Systems Inc.

Subcontractors are being sought to work on a Stateline events center, according to a legal notice appearing in The Record-Courier.

CORE Construction is seeking companies to do $17 million in concrete and steel work on the events center.

According to the advertisement, applications are due by the end of the month for work to begin on July 1.

While most of the money to build the events center is being raised from a $5 a night surcharge approved by the Legislature and 2 percent of the lodging license fee, both charged at Stateline, about a quarter of the $100 million project would come from a redevelopment area.

Redevelopment Area No. 2 was approved in 2016, but has since become a political hot potato, with a petition being circulated to put it on the ballot.

County Commissioner Dave Nelson and commission candidates Mark Gardner and Walt Nowosad have all said they oppose the redevelopment because it intercepts property tax that would go to the county.

Redevelopment raises money through incremental tax assessment, which at Stateline includes the development of Tahoe Beach Club, which is currently under construction.

In Nevada property taxes are charged on 35 percent of property’s value.

Figures on how much redevelopment will raise over its 30-year life vary, though petitioners list it as around $110 million.

County commissioners repealed the only other redevelopment district in Douglas County history before it reached its 21st birthday.

According to the county, the redevelopment area is expected to generate $1.056 million in 2019-20. A little more than 27 percent of that would go to the county.

County commissioners recently took advantage of a new law that allowed them to remove the Douglas County School District from the redevelopment area, which would reduce funding by about a quarter, or $28 million, during the total life of the redevelopment agency.

Even if voters reject redevelopment, the earliest it could be dissolved would be Jan. 1, 2021. Any money remaining in the area’s coffers would have to be spent at Stateline.

Douglas County commissioners sit as the redevelopment board and would have to approve any expenditure of the money.

County commissioners have delayed their Stateline meeting until Feb. 27, which is the day after the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency meeting.

Redevelopment opponents are interpreting that as indicating some movement on expending redevelopment money.

The agenda for the Feb. 27 commissioner meeting is not required to be published until three days before the meeting under state law.