Students, teachers of the month are announced |

Students, teachers of the month are announced

Staff reports

The October Students and Teacher of the Month were recently announced at Douglas High School.

The students are Sara Henningsen, 10th grade, Andrea Honer, 11th grade, and Tim Hinkle, 12th grade, and the teacher is Marty Cronin.

Teachers make nominations to honor the students and teachers each month, and on their nomination forms, they give reasons why they made their selections.

Among the comments for October’s nominees were:

n Sara Henningsen was said to have outstanding abilities in speech and debate and is an excellent student. She is “willing to take a stand in support of a teacher she felt had been unfairly maligned” by writing a letter to the editor in support of the teacher.

n Andrea Honor is a straight-A student and athlete and started on the second best volleyball team in the state as a junior. She was also described as being “committed to excellence.”

n Tim Hinkle is an “example of good behavior and manners,” and convinces other students that there isn’t anything they can’t do. He was also called a “real achiever, well-mannered, excellent student and a role model.”

n Marty Cronin was said to not only work endlessly for the good of all teachers (he is president of the teachers’ association), “but he also devotes unbelievable hours to his debate students.” Other comments noted that Cronin is an excellent classroom teacher as well as being committed to working “for his fellow professional educators.”