Students spread the love |

Students spread the love

It was the day before Valentine’s and a score of Douglas High School students spent their lunch spreading the love.

“We’re spreading positivity and love,” student Kylie Compton said Thursday as passing motorists honked their support.

The students were part of Mena Dedmon’s freshman seminar, which was implemented this year to help students make the transition to high school.

On Friday, Miki Trujillo presented to the entire Douglas freshman class about how “Love is an action word.”

“This is about sharing the importance with these high school freshmen with turning love into an action word,” she said. “It’s Valentine’s Day. Who we are as human beings and how we interact with others can make a powerful and positive impact.”

Trujillo said that the goal is to help develop the high school students as leaders.

“My time today is to encourage them to go out into the world, whether it be one-on-one relationships with human beings, or their relationships as a big group,” she said. “(To think about) what can we do together to make an even bigger impact on people’s lives. When we all work together to show kindness and practice respect, we end up loving out loud.”

She pointed out that it’s important not to judge people.

“One of the messages is that we have to work hard to see the inside of people before we judge them or make assumptions based on what we see on the outside,” she said.

Douglas High has only had a freshman class since 2015, with the first round of four-year students graduating last year.

The Class of 2020 will only be the second four-year class to graduate from the school in two decades.

Douglas High graduation is scheduled for June 4.

The largest school in the district, Douglas High has 1,686 students.