Students and parents, plus SES teachers and staff enjoy Harvest Festival |

Students and parents, plus SES teachers and staff enjoy Harvest Festival

by Joyce Hollister

Tossing vegetables, steal-the-zuc and zuc tic tac toe were just a few of the many games and activities offered at Scarselli Elementary School’s annual Harvest Festival held last week.

“Everybody enjoyed it,” said Vice Principal Cissy Tucker. “Staff, everybody. It’s such a fun thing to do for our students and their families.”

The Harvest Festival is the kind of event that lets people get to know each other and share in various activities.

“One of the things we love about it,” Tucker said, “is the creativity.”

One of the most popular activities at the festival is the zucchini decorating booth.

“Mr. (Bud) Perkins and Mrs. (Jill) Monfiletto brought in beads, fabrics, sequins, toothpicks and different things for children and parents to decorate zucchinis. They came up with some very clever things.”

Then there was the zuc tower-building table, potato toss, bean bag toss, zuc relays and the zuc horse race.

Students enter their home-grown zucchinis in various categories of the annual Harvest Festival veggie contest, and families begin early in the gardening season to grow their zucchinis for competition.

Parents who don’t have gardens find that neighbors and relatives are happy to give children the raw material.

“It’s fun to know that parents are planning ahead and looking forward to it, and it’s nice that neighbors help,” Tucker said.

Secretaries, classroom aides, kitchen staff and even custodians get into the act for the Harvest Festival, and quite a few spouses of teachers helped, too.

Most of the activities and events at the festival are free, but the PTO also raises funds through the sale of cotton candy, balloons and popcorn to use for class projects and field trips. A book fair is also held.

Winners in the veggie contest were:

Prize zucchini, K-6, first, Christi Crozier; second, Tony Pisani; and third, Joe Gmuender; other vegetable, K-6, Alicia Garcia, Britney Bishow and Tim Gladeau; funniest shape, K-6, Rachel Freeman, Alicia Garcia, Allison and Christine Ward; lookalike, K-3, Natalie Freitas, Katelyn Kuhner, Rebecca Schweigart; 4-6, Jessica Lamb, Rachel McElhiney, Seanna Drew; best decorated, K-3, Taylor Biaggi, Ryan Frueh, Lindsey Scyphers; 4-6, Cherlyn Suttor, Amber Hoogestraat, Andrew Vecchione; creatively carved, K-3, Sara Isaacs, Corbin Zumpft, Sage Lyons; 4-6, Lisa Galvin, Scott Artman, and Allison and Christine Ward.