Stateline casino closes permanently |

Stateline casino closes permanently

Tahoe Tribune

Lakeside Inn and Casino at Stateline did not make it through the coronavirus crisis.

Lakeside announced Tuesday through an emailed newsletter and a post on its website that it is permanently closing after 35 years “of being a source of entertainment for thousands of guests.”

The closure includes all areas of the business including the casino, restaurant and hotel.

“This decision was not made lightly,” said the website post. “We hoped that we would be able to resume operations once this COVID-19 situation improved. However, that’s just not in the cards for us. We were able to stay open for 35 years because of our tremendous staff, loyal guests, and a supportive community. The relationships we have created with our guests are just incredible.”

Lakeside is hoping to receive any memories guests would like to share by sending an email to They plan to post them on the website for all to read.

Lakeside said in the upcoming days to check the website for information on how to cash in slot tickets or table games chips.