State issues star ratings for Douglas schools |

State issues star ratings for Douglas schools

While there are more four-star Douglas schools than there were last year, there are also fewer rated five stars.

According to star ratings released by the Nevada Department of Public Education on Monday, Douglas High School was the sole five-star school remaining in the district.

There are a half-dozen four-star schools, including Meneley, Scarselli and Minden elementary schools just added to the list this year.

Superintendent Teri White pointed out that Scarselli doubled its star rating this year, with its score increasing by more than 30 points.

White said five schools improved their star ratings with six schools gaining 10 or more points overall, and Jacks Valley Elementary gaining 21 points.

Last year, Zephyr Cove Elementary, Piñon Hills Elementary and Whittell High School were all five-star schools.

Piñon Hills Elementary and Whittell High school dropped back to four stars, while Zephyr Cove lost two stars to three.

“That’s mostly because if the elementary and middle schools do not address growth, they lose points,” White said. “The other three are all high achieving, but in the new system, if they do not get good growth, they cannot maintain their five-star rating. The high school system is very different than the middle and elementary scoring.”

Other three-star schools in the district include Jacks Valley Elementary, Carson Valley and Pau-Wa-Lu middle schools.

The middle school students at Whittell came in at two stars.

ASPIRE Academy was rated one star.

Star ratings are earned on a scale of one to five with a one-star rating indicating a school did not meeting state performance standards, according to the state.

Statewide, 184 schools increased their rating by one or more stars since last year.

“This year’s star ratings demonstrate that we are moving in the right direction,” said Superintendent of Public Instruction Jhone Ebert. “Our students and educators are making positive strides, and going forward, we must maintain these gains while accelerating our progress.”

The star ratings were implemented as a means to summarize school performance.

Nevada high schools posted their highest graduation rate ever at 83.17 percent for the Class of 2018 – an increase of 2.32 percentage points.