State conducts safety message contest for electronic traffic signs |

State conducts safety message contest for electronic traffic signs

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An electronic traffic sign shows an example of a message designed to remind motorists to be careful on the roads.
Nevada Department of Transportation

The Nevada Department of Transportation is inviting Nevada drivers to submit contest entries for creative traffic safety messages to be displayed on electronic freeway signs. 

Last year, nearly 285 individuals were killed in Nevada traffic crashes. With over 90 percent of U.S. crashes caused in part by driver behavior, the message boards are an important driving safety reminder.

“Traffic safety impacts each and every one of us,” NDOT Director Kristina Swallow said. “These roadway signs can be a first-line defense in reminding motorists to drive safely. We routinely post driving information and tips, and now we want the public to contribute their safe driving messages. The more creative, relatable, and memorable, the better.”

Messages must relate to traffic safety and can be themed around holidays and the state’s traffic safety focus areas, including focusing on the road, buckling up, never driving impaired, stopping on red, as well as being motorcycle safe. Messages must be no more than three lines of 18 characters each (including spacing), with no hashtags, punctuation, emojis, website addresses or phone numbers. Advertising and defamatory, obscene, threatening or otherwise unlawful submissions will not be considered. 

NDOT will select the best messages, which may then be periodically rotated on the approximately 400 electronic freeway signs statewide. Some popular messages nationally include “Texting and Driving? Oh Cell No,” the holiday-themed “Only Reindeer Can Fly. Watch Your Speed” and Star Wars-based “Texting and Driving Leads to The Dark Side.” 

Entries must be submitted by Aug. 31 at, or by calling (775) 888-7000. NDOT will announce winners in September. Entries are not accepted through the Department’s Facebook, Twitter or other social media. By submitting, entrants acknowledge that they are a Nevada resident of 16 years of age or over and grant NDOT all rights, including use and distribution of their name and proposed messages in all formats.