St. Gall teens to hold ‘famine’ |

St. Gall teens to hold ‘famine’

by Tiffany Sanchez

More than 30 young people in the area are going without food for 30 hours this weekend to help fight hunger and poverty around the world. The teens are joining thousands of others across the United States and Canada in World Vision’s annual 30-hour famine.

Participants ask family, friends and neighbors to sponsor them with pledges as they go without food for 30 hours to identify with those who are hungry. Through videos, games, special events and involvement in community service projects, they learn about hunger and what they can do to help others.

As part of the famine, the participants are watching movies, playing games and doing activities in order for them to keep their minds off of food. Anyone interested in participating in the 30-hour famine or sponsoring a participant can contact the St. Gall Parish Hall at 782-3784 or call World Vision at 1-800-7-FAMINE.

“This is a great way for us to actually do something about the problem of hunger around the world,” says 16-year-old Tim Ward, who is participating with a group from St. Gall. “Sometimes when we see people in need, we feel helpless, but the 30-hour famine gives us a way to make a difference in people’s lives.”

In 1997, more than 500,000 American young people raised over $5 million through the 30-hour famine. Doug McGlashan, the national director, has seen the program grow dramatically over the past few years.

“Young people in this country have enormous compassion for children and families in need,” says McGlashan. “The more they learn, the more they become committed to making a difference in their world. We can learn from their example and enthusiasm.”

The program is designed to help young people learn about global hunger issues and to raise funds for the fight against hunger. Last year, similar famine events around the world involved over 1.5 million participants who raised $22 million for World Vision’s hunger and poverty fighting programs. World Vision is the largest privately funded international Christian relief and development organization in the country.

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