St. Gall Noel dinner to be held Christmas Day |

St. Gall Noel dinner to be held Christmas Day

by Rita Hill

Father Bill Nadeau is making plans for the second annual “Noel” Christmas Dinner with Father Bill. The festivities will be from 1 to 5 p.m., at the St. Gall parish house on Douglas Avenue, Gardnerville, for single people and married couples who are without family for Christmas.

This is a tradition that began last year on Thanksgiving day when Rita Hill, a parishioner of St. Gall Catholic Church, received a strong inner nudge to invite a widow named Noel to Thanksgiving dinner with her family. The invitation was immediately accepted and the day became a happy occasion for the family and the special guest, Noel.

The next morning, Hill got another inner prompting that couldn’t be ignored. The message came loud and clear: “I wonder how many other people were without family for Thanksgiving.”

Since it seemed like God’s prodding, Hill decided to seek advice from Father Bill at St. Gall’s parish. After telling him what had transpired, Father Bill suggested they do a Christmas dinner with him because he, too, would be without family for Christmas.

Another parishioner, Marian Vassar, offered her home for the event and other parishioners offered their help. It was a memorable occasion for the 21 participants who attended.

Since the event was so well received, Father Bill would like to do it again, only this time at the parish house. It will also be a memory of a very special lady, Noel, who inspired the first event.

Anyone who will be without family this Christmas is invited to this annual event. To receive a written invitation, contact St. Gall’s office at 782-2852 or coordinator Rita Hill at 783-9908.