SOS offers July 4 service |

SOS offers July 4 service

by E.D. Thyr

This coming Sunday, July 5, at 11 a.m., members and friends of Shepherd of the Sierra Lutheran Church will gather at Jacks Valley Elementary School to celebrate the blessings God has given those who live in the “Good, old, US of A!”

Identified as “America the Beautiful” Sunday, this traditional service, held annually at Shepherd of the Sierra on the Sunday closest to Independence Day, focuses the attention of the congregation on the privileges of living in the United States, as well as the responsibilities involved in Christian citizenship.

Music sung will be patriotic in nature from “America, the Beautiful” to “God Bless America,” and the scripture readings will reflect God’s directives to His people in the matter of citizenship. “This Land is Who’s Land?” is the title of Pastor Thyr’s message from the pulpit, and the service will include the pledge of allegiance. A small American flag will be given to each person attending this special “America the Beautiful” service.

Shepherd of the Sierra is worshipping temporarily in the “Chapel in the Gym” at Jacks Valley Elementary School, just a mile west of Highway 395 on Jacks Valley Road, until the permanent campus on Highway 395 (just north of Jacks Valley Road) is completed. SOS is in the final phases of fulfilling the conditions of county and state agencies before construction on the new campus begins.

Everyone is always welcome at Shepherd of the Sierra, a Lutheran church with a solid Bible foundation. For additional information about the programs and plans of SOS, call the office at 882-8686.

Editor’s note: E.D. Thyr is pastor of the Shepherd of the Sierra Lutheran Church.

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