Sonnemann announces he’ll seek another term |

Sonnemann announces he’ll seek another term

Staff Reports

Douglas County Assessor, Doug Sonnemann, announced last week he will file for re-election.

Sonnemann said he is very proud of all the accomplishments of the assessor’s office over the last 11 years and wants to provide the best service and integrity to the residents and property owners of Douglas County.

The office has faced challenges over the last several years due to the changes in market values as well as the difficult budgets that have impacted everyone.

“The decline in the housing market was a special challenge that required adjustment to lower values and the resultant decrease in assessed values to reflect that decline. Every effort has been made to be responsive to the market and the affect that it has had on people’s decreasing property values,” Sonnemann said.

As part of the effort to be more responsive the office has gone from a five-year reappraisal cycle to annual reappraisal of all properties to better reflect current conditions. To help meet the decreased county budget the office has reduced staff and reclassified positions to save money and reflect the current needs of the department.

The continuing effort for the office is to improve and enhance the availability of information on the Internet. This does several functions including having information more available to the public on a 24 hour-a-day basis as well as reducing staff time that had previously been needed to answer calls and questions when the information wasn’t as available as the website currently provides. Further efforts have included working with every available technology to make the office more efficient. “This resourcefulness has allowed the office to keep up with the increasing workload without a corresponding increase in staff,” he said.

Sonnemann said he has an excellent staff that he is proud to work with. “Through the diligent efforts of the staff the office functions very well to provide the utmost in customer service,” he said.

Sonnemann has worked in the office since 1988. He was first elected to the office of assessor in 2002 and reelected in 2006 and 2010.