Sixth-graders move to middle school |

Sixth-graders move to middle school

Carson Valley Middle School student Bodie Stein, right, gives a school tour to in-coming sixth grader Drew Gunderson and his mother Stacie on Tuesday.
Jim Grant | The Record-Courier

Students across Carson Valley will return back to school Monday, but for sixth graders it’s a whole new experience. Sixth-grade orientation was Tuesday at Carson Valley Middle School. This is the second year they are at the middle school since the transition of the ninth-graders to Douglas High School.

Sixth-grader Jackson Davis said he is a little nervous about being at the middle school but he is looking forward to his world language class, which introduces students to many different languages instead of the traditional choices of Spanish, German or French.

“The scariest thing is leaving Piñon Hills,” said Davis. “I really got to know the school and felt comfortable there and now I have to learn a new school.”

Davis wasn’t the only nervous student at the sixth-grade orientation, Ruby Hanson and Isabelle Neely were nervous, too, but were looking forward to math and advisory. They said they liked how they can choose their classes and Hanson even has her fifth-grade teacher as her advisor, making it an easier transition for her.

The middle school’s National Junior Honors Society students were also there to ease the transition.

“I feel like it’s scary for them,” said NJHS member and eighth-grader Serena Tomassi. “Especially being in sixth grade and being in middle school. It’s a whole different experience for them, but we’ve all been in their position and can relate so we are here to reassure them.”

Tomassi, Sierra Newell and Amanda Thurston agreed that being in NJHS and giving the kids the tour relieves some of the stress they might be feeling and helps with the transition, putting a face to someone who can help if they need it later.

“NJHS is about being a leader,” said Thurston. “Being here and giving them a tour gives them someone they can look to and go to if they ever need help.”

NJHS members answered the new students’ and parents’ questions, showed them where their classes were, the different buildings including the library, nurses’ office, counseling, cafeteria and where to find their bus stops.

“After the tour I feel like I’m less nervous,” said Davis. “I know how to find my way now and where to go if I need help.”

Freshman orientation is 10:30 a.m.-noon Thursday at Douglas High School.