Sheriff’s candidate campaign’s top fundraiser |

Sheriff’s candidate campaign’s top fundraiser

Sheriff’s Capt. Dan Coverley was the biggest fundraiser in the Douglas County 2018 primary election, according to the Nevada Secretary of State’s web site.

Coverley raised $47,538 in contributions, according to the report he filed.

Two of his largest contributors were AMT Investments and the South Tahoe Alliance of Resorts, which both donated $5,000 to his campaign.

Former sheriff’s lieutenant and school board trustee Ross Chichester donated $1,770, while Hamdogs owner Wayne Mills donated $1,500. Coverley has spent $33,937 so far in the election.

Sheriff’s candidate Dave Brady lent his campaign $23,000 of the $29,629 he raised in contributions.

Brady has spent $27,838 so far on his campaign.

Sheriff’s Capt. Joe Duffy raised $20,397 in donations, with his largest contribution of $5,000 from Lisa Maloff.

He’s spent $18,761, including $7,500 with Wheeler Screen Printing.

Retired Marine Dean Paris raised $10,500, including a $7,000 loan to his own campaign. He has so far spent $10,684.

County Commission Chairman Steve Thaler raised $33,944 in contributions and has spent $24,953, so far.

Thaler’s largest donors was from the South Tahoe Alliance of Resorts for $5,000 and from AMT Investments for $5,000. Thaler lent his campaign $3,000.

Most of his expenses were for marketing and advertising.

Candidate John Engels contributed $10,000 of his own money to his campaign, bringing his contributions to $20,500.

Foothill resident Virginia Starrett and County Commissioner Dave Nelson were the largest contributors, with $4,000 and $3,000 respectively.

Commission candidate Janet Murphy reported she’s raised $25,946 in donations and has spent $24,204 so far.

Her largest contributors are M.J. Trust, M. John and C.P. Bluth, who each donated $5,000. Nelson contributed $3,000 to Murphy’s campaign.

District 4 opponent Wes Rice raised $23,585 in donations, including donations of $5,000 each from Edgewood Companies, South Tahoe Alliance of Resorts and AMT Investments.

Rice has only spent $13,605 so far in the campaign.

The two candidates for Douglas County assessor swap places for contributions and expenses.

Dion Etchegoyhen raised $12,127, according to her filing, but has only spent $4,171 so far.

Tholen on the other had raised $10,095, while he’s spent $8,890.

Neither candidate for public administrator, Debbie Logan or Steve Walsh, reported any contributions or expenses in the campaign.