Shepherd of the Sierra to move to Genoa Town Hall until building is ready |

Shepherd of the Sierra to move to Genoa Town Hall until building is ready

by E.D. Thyr

Tomorrow morning, April 11, the members and friends of Shepherd of the Sierra Lutheran Church will gather at 9:45 a.m. for Sunday School and Bible classes and at 11 a.m. for worship at the Genoa Town Hall, instead of Jacks Valley Elementary School, until the completion of the new youth/education facility on Highway 395.

It was hoped that SOS would be able to continue to worship at Jacks Valley Elementary School until the first phase of construction of the new campus was completed. The rules of Douglas County School District – designed to protect the schools of the area against groups that might become “squatters” and stay permanently – require that groups be permitted to use a district school for no more than two years. On two occasions, the board extended the lease of SOS because of delays in construction caused by a variety of bureaucratic requirements, but finally determined that their policy had to be enforced.

The final service of the young church was conducted at JVES this past Sunday – Easter Sunday.

The Town Board of Genoa graciously received the SOS request and has permitted use of its facility until the dedication of the first unit on the permanent campus of Shepherd of the Sierra Lutheran Church at 3680 N. Highway 395 in Carson Valley. The facilities, seating several hundred at worship, will beautifully serve the needs of this young congregation, and we express our appreciation publicly for the courtesy extended by the Genoa Town Board.

The Genoa Town Hall is easy to find. From the Minden/Gardnerville area, drive north on highway 395 to Genoa Lane. Turn left and go about 3 miles to the town center. Turn left. The third building on the left is the town hall. From the Jacks Valley/Carson City area, turn right on Jacks Valley Road and continue until you come to the center of Genoa. Go through the stop sign, and the town hall will be on your left.

Everyone is always welcome at Shepherd of the Sierra, and we particularly invite residents of Genoa to join us. For more information, contact the temporary church office, 720-5400, or call the Pastor at 782-0255.

n E.D. Thyr is pastor of Shepherd of the Sierra Lutheran Church.