Shepherd of Sierra to hold July 4th service at new facility under construction |

Shepherd of Sierra to hold July 4th service at new facility under construction

by E.D. Thyr

On Sunday, July 4, at 11 a.m., members and friends of Shepherd of the Sierra Lutheran Church will meet outdoors at the new campus of SOS for a special worship service of prayer and praise for the nation.

This special indoor-outdoor service was occasioned by the need to be away from the Genoa Town Hall on July 4, since the hall had been reserved for that Sunday before Shepherd of the Sierra began worshipping there while the church’s educational unit was under construction.

Those in attendance will be worshipping in partial shade, since the service will be held inside the partially completed new facility. A welcome breeze will assure that the service will be comfortable, since there are no windows or walls yet in place at the site – only the floor and the roof and the steel beams holding up the roof.

After the service, worshippers will be able to walk through the building to get a feel for its size and an idea of the location of the various classrooms and offices.

Sunday School will be canceled for this Sunday only, since those involved in the Sunday School will be busy readying the youth/ed facility for worship.

The service will feature the singing of a variety of patriotic songs, including “America, the Beautiful” and the “Star Spangled Banner.” State Sen. Jacobsen will present a flag to the congregation that was flown over the nation’s capitol on June 14 – Flag Day – of this year. If ready, a flag pole will be dedicated on Sunday, and members of a Scout Troop will raise the flag for the first time.

Special music will be provided, and each worshipper will receive a miniature American flag. Elmer Thyr, pastor of Shepherd of the Sierra, will conduct the service and deliver the message for the day, “God Bless America.” As usual, teen-agers will be assisting in ushering during the service. Those who wish to do so will be wearing their military uniforms.

The campus of Shepherd of the Sierra where the service will be held is located on the west side of Highway 395, approximately half way between Jacks Valley Road and Highway 50. Worshippers may enter the campus via the entrance to Fountainhead Foursquare Church, which is adjacent to the SOS campus. Everyone is welcome.

For additional information, call 720-5400 or 782-0255.