Seven challenge Mortimer for Washoe tribal chairman |

Seven challenge Mortimer for Washoe tribal chairman

Tribal chairman candidate Art George.

Seven candidates are opposing Washoe Tribal Chairman Robert Mortimer for the tribe’s top position.

Benjamin Filmore, Arthur George Jr., Eleanore Muscott, Richard Painter Sr., William Simpson, Serrell Smokey and Lydell Wyatt have made the preliminary list of candidates, according to the Washoe Tribe’s web site.

George announced his candidacy last week at The Record-Courier, saying he felt it was important to reach out to the community at large.

“I have been in our homeland my whole life,” he said. “I know so much of our history, as well as of our present-day situation and concerns, relevant to all Washeshu. In my life, I learned many things from ‘All the People,’ nature and our elders serving as great teachers for me. I witnessed and remembered the songs and stories of my elders and ancestors.”

George said he felt it was his responsibility to uphold the tribe’s cultural values.

“As tribal chair, I would provide leadership that supports thriving for all of us today, as well as for future generations,” he said. “We will focus on the health of the corporation status of the tribe, specifically in the ways it supports education and business opportunities. We will also focus on equality in profit-sharing, acknowledging that shareholders are individuals and families who retain their Washo culture, beliefs and traditions. We live in a world that emphasizes progress and profit, but preservation of the land, the beauty of our culture, and our earth-honoring values are just as important.”

George is the son of Arthur George from hunglelti and Angie Smokey from the pahwahlu.

The deadline to challenge candidates was Monday. The tribe’s election board meets Aug. 27 to hear challenges and determine who will remain on the ballot.

The election is Oct. 20. Also up for election are seats on the tribe’s community councils and off-reservation representatives.

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