SES students do research projects |

SES students do research projects

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In April, students in Janice Berston’s Scarselli Elementary School were allowed to choose any subject that interested them to research and then to prepare a written report.

They were required to make an outline, list sources, make a rough and final drafts.

Next, they made exhibits to display the facts that had found on their subjects.

“The result was a fascinating, 14-exhibit museum set up in Scarselli’s library,” said Berston.

Other classes were given presentations and “museum” visitors learned about optical illusions, the history of acting, the Titanic, animation, floods, cars, ferrets, parrots, dolphins, Indiana, lawyers, viruses, helicopters, ecology, archery, knights and butterflies.

“It was a great experience, teaching what you’ve learned to other students,” said student Drew Hedwall.

Teachers and students were impressed by the knowledge and understanding the presenters had of their subjects, Berston said.

“It wasn’t just fun for the presenters, it was fun for the students who came, too,” said student Chris Calvert.

Berston said the unit was the culminating project for the school year and students were proud of their exhibits.

“They were able to use many of the skills and strengths they had developed over their last years in elementary school,” she said.

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