Sertoma, couple give baby shower at City of Refuge |

Sertoma, couple give baby shower at City of Refuge

Staff reports

Carson Valley Sertoma, together with Mr. and Mrs. Van Brenner, gave City of Refuge a surprise baby shower.

The Brenners donated an entire room of baby furniture along with a glider, and the Sertoma Club filled a crib with newborn baby items.

“We have just the mom to give it to,” said Diane Gamble, one of the founders of the home for pregnant women. “Tiffany will be starting from scratch. She didn’t have any idea where she was going to get furniture for her baby. Now she will have the furniture and everything to go with it, including the room decorations. This is above and beyond her wildest dreams.”

Carole Karp, a member of the Carson Valley Sertoma, teaches crafts to the moms at City of Refuge every week. She and Sertoma President Pat Cardinal shopped for all the baby things, with the Sertoma club donating the money.

“This service club, actually all of the service clubs in this Valley, have been so supportive of City of Refuge. They never let a need go unmet,” said Gamble.

City of Refuge is a Nevada non-profit founded by David and Diane Gamble, along with J.D. and Christine Sullivan to provide a home for pregnant women who need shelter. The charity was formed in 1993 and the land for the home was donated by Stoddard Jacobsen in memory of his wife, Jewel Jacobsen.

The 3,600-square-foot home was built completely with donations and volunteer workers.

For more information about City of Refuge, call Diane Gamble at 782-2034.