Senior dance on tap tonight |

Senior dance on tap tonight

Leslie Pearson

Big band, swing, Latin, waltz, polka or western music: If you want to hear it, this band can probably play it.

Reminisce, a band who has been playing in the Carson City area “forever” as drummer Eddie DeRobles put it, will perform tonight at the Douglas County Young at Heart Senior Center for those who feel like dancing. And dancing, DeRobles says, is what these senior crowds are all about.

“When we play these senior dances, I’m just blown away,” said DeRobles. “One dance we played at I watched a couple as they were swing dancing. The man is throwing the woman around and spinning her and all that and when we finished, I went over to them and said, ‘It was really neat to watch you guys dance.’ He said to me, ‘Thanks. Not bad for an 82-year-old, huh?'”

Three members of Reminisce are between 79 and 89 years old themselves. DeRobles says he’s the baby, being a Baby Boomer. He’s also the newest member of the group and has learned a lot from his band mates.

“They don’t read a note of music. They all have the songs memorized in their brains,” said DeRobles.

Reminisce plays a wide variety of music dating from the ’30s to the ’50s. Waltzes, cha chas and swing rhythms keep audiences on their feet.

“Let me tell you what I see, when we’re playing at dances for 70- to 90-year-old people, they dance every song. It doesn’t matter if it’s a tango or a cha cha or swing or whatever,” said DeRobles. “And after we finish a song, they stand there and applaud.”

In the past, DeRobles has played in bands that mainly played to rock and roll audiences, and he says those crowds aren’t as receptive as the senior crowds.

“The seniors just love to dance and appreciate the band,” said DeRobles.

Reminisce has been playing mainly at senior dances in Carson City, but lately has made its way down to Carson Valley. The band has played at the Carson City Senior Center dances and at the Carson City Nugget.

DeRobles has memories from all these events that still amaze him.

“One guy I talked to after a show had had (heart) bypass surgery, a hip replacement and a knee replacement. He told me that as long as the doctors can keep him together, he’ll dance,” said DeRobles. “I hope I have the life these people have when I get to be their age.”

Reminisce will perform at the Douglas County Senior Center, 2300 Meadow Lane, tonight at 7 p.m. Admission is $3 per person and the public is invited.