Schools face $2 million budget shortfall |

Schools face $2 million budget shortfall

Budgeting during a Legislative year is always a crapshoot, and the Douglas County School District may have come up snake eyes.

Douglas is one of eight districts statewide that are projected to see a decrease in revenue this year.

Superintendent Teri White said the district is facing a $2 million shortfall, due to a plan to decrease the district’s share by 5.66 percent.

“The district will need to engage in the very difficult conversations of how to reduce our expenditures to match our revenue in the coming months,” White said. “The budget has been balanced, in its tentative form on under-spend, which, in effect, reduces our ending fund balance.”

Complicating issues is a 3-percent payraise for educators promised by Gov. Steve Sisolak and included in his budget.

That could mean an additional $1.2 million to the district’s budget that will need to be addressed in the final budget.

School board trustees approved a tentative $57.6 million general fund budget on Tuesday, down $1.45 million from this year. The net budget for all funds is $90.8 million.

Douglas County school officials expect to see a slight increase in enrollment next year after several years of declines.

According to the budget, 5,707 students are expected next year. The district receives $5,933 per student. That money comes from the 75 cents property tax per $100 assessed valuation. The district raises $22.3 million in property taxes

According to the budget, the distribute school fund will bring in $9.77 million, down from $13 million this year and $13.8 million last year.