School district seeksfeedback on new grading |

School district seeksfeedback on new grading

Staff Reports

A new standards-based grading system for students in third through fifth grades as been adopted by the Douglas County School District.

“Research indicates that standards-based grading enables teachers to provide more specific feedback to parents and students about a child’s progress toward mastery of standards,” according to Executive Director of Education Services Rommy Cronin-Mack. “Parents and students will see areas of academic strength and weaknesses on the report card rather than seeing a traditional A, B, C, D or F and wondering what was measured and what the next steps might be. Teachers will know which standards they need to re-teach. Students will know what they need to learn and have ownership of their learning when they set goals and track their own progress.”

As part of the effort, school board trustees are asking parents for feedback on the new report cards. Cronin-Mack said a short survey for parents of students in grades three through five is available in Infinite Campus and will close at the end of business Dec. 31.

“The district values parent input on this issue and would encourage parents to respond to the survey,” Cronin-Mack said.

If a parent does not have a portal account in Infinite Campus and would like to participate in this survey, parents should contact their child’s school for help setting up an account.