Sand Harbor traffic prompts ticket warning |

Sand Harbor traffic prompts ticket warning

Staff Reports

The Nevada Highway Patrol reports that vehicles stopping in the travel lane of Highway 28 waiting for Sand Harbor to open early weekend mornings is causing traffic back-ups.

“Traffic backs up all the way into Incline Village and causes long delays,” Trooper Dan Gordon said. “Vehicles stop in the roadway and completely block the southbound lane. Many motorists who are not waiting to enter the park and wish to continue south towards Highway 50, become very frustrated.”

That’s causing motorists who want to drive through to pull into the opposite lane, posing a possibility of a head-on collision.

“These conditions are also causing long unnecessary delays for emergency vehicles and first responders,” Gordon said.

He reminded motorists that stopping in the travel lane and crossing the double yellow line to pass other vehicles are both illegal.

Sand Harbor’s parking lot doesn’t open until 8 a.m., and motorists are not allowed to sit and wait prior to the parks opening, Gordon said.

“Nevada Highway Patrol has received numerous complaints and calls regarding this traffic issue and will be actively patrolling the area during morning hours,” he said. “Motorists that stop to wait for Sand Harbor to open and violate the applicable laws will be issued a citation for impeding traffic.”

There is a shuttle that runs every 20 minutes to Sand Harbor for $4.

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