Salon holds raffle to benefit City of Refuge |

Salon holds raffle to benefit City of Refuge

Holly Atchison

The Taylor York salon in Minden will hold a raffle of $100 worth of hair and skin products. The salon is donating the products for the raffle, and all proceeds will benefit the City of Refuge, a home for unwed pregnant girls and women in need.

The raffle will begin June 3 and will continue for two months. Tickets can be purchased at the Taylor York Salon in Minden for $1. Everyone is encouraged to buy tickets.

“This is a donation so we’re just trying to support some of our organizations in the community,” salon co-owner Deonne York said.

“Since the community gives to us, we’re trying to give some support back to the community. This is the first time we have done something like this, so I have no idea how much money we will make,” York said.

The City of Refuge was selected by the salon because it is a women’s organization.

“The whole organization is run from donations, so they need all the help they can get. We want to encourage women to see that there is an alternative,” York said.

The City of Refuge was founded by Judge Dave Gamble and his wife Diane.

The raffle will become a regular event for the salon. York said she would like to have three a year, each time benefiting a different charity.